The KCE slide in Pickup Sprayer, is affordabe, lightweight by comparison, simple and easy to operate, 200 or 300 gallon tank option and a 30 or 36 ft. spray swath, 12 volt system and is built to last.

This sprayer is designed to be used with most standard or flatbed pickups and can be purchased with either a 200 or 300 gallon poly tank. This slide in unit, when not in use has stand legs which are about the height of the pickup for easy loading and unloading. When in use, the normal spray swath is 30 ft with an option of extending the booms to a 36 ft swath. The booms are also height adjustable. The spray rate is regulated by speed and nozzle tip size, a very simple way of calculating spray rate. The spraying system is a dual pump system, meaning the left side of the sprayer has six nozzles, spaced on 30 inch centers and is supplied by one of the two 12 volt electric pumps. Equally, the right side of the sprayer has six nozzles, equally spaced and is supplied by the other 12 volt electric pump. With this simple dual pump system, there are no expensive electric values or regulators that can fail. A very simple "user friendly" system to operate.

There is also a built in safety relay breaker switch, that in the event of a electrical short, the circuit breaker will disconnect and reset in a short time after cooling.

Another safety feature of this sprayer is that there are safety switches that disconnects the electrical current to the pumps when the booms are folded in the travel position so the sprayer can not be accidentally switched on while in transit. There is a handheld controller that is routed in the cabin of the vehicle, that has a master switch, a left boom switch and a right boom switch. Having this choice of switches makes it very handy when spraying around buildings, ditches or where ever you only need one boom spraying. Having this selection of switches is also necessary when using the optional hand held sprayer, where one pump is turn off, using the other pump for the hand held sprayer. The maximum psi for the 12 volt pumps is about 60psi, however most spraying is done at about 15-30 psi. The nozzles are diaphragm type which restricts nozzle dribble when the sprayer is turned off.

One of the unique features of this sprayer is that the booms are designed to be able to encounter qualifying obstacles with out harm to the sprayer. A better explanation might be, when spraying pasture and the spray target would include taller brush or smaller trees upwards to maybe eight foot tall, as the vehicle is moving forward and makes contact with the obstacle, the boom will begin to swing back and climb at the same time, clearing the object, while applying spray to both sides of the object. The booms are designed with protection to the nozzles so not to damage a nozzle during this operation. This sprayer is designed to spray some of those difficult areas that need to be sprayed. However, the optional booms extensions are not recommended during this kind of spraying conditions. These booms are durable and will take some abuse, yet light weight enough to be easily folded, manually. The KCE Sprayer is a very good choice for turf spraying, agricultural spraying, spraying smaller acreage, spot spraying, spraying ditches, waterways, and yard spraying where appropriate.

Check out the video link for the KCE Slide-in Pickup Sprayer that's found in the Products Lines drop down menu.

The KCE-200 gallon slide in pickup sprayer lists at $3850.00

The KCE-300 gallon slide in pickup sprayer lists at $4350.00

We also sell the boom assembly separately.